Police search for man in three cases of abuse

Sketch courtesy NYPD

ELMHURST — The city Police Department was looking for help in identifying a suspect wanted for two incidents of sex abuse, which occurred within the 110th Precinct, police said.

According to police, the roughly 40-year-old and 6-foot suspect pulled up next to a 12-year-old victim Nov. 7, around 8 a.m., exited the vehicle near 54th Avenue and asked if she knew an address. He then showed her a piece of paper with numbers on it, police said, before the victim entered his vehicle.

The suspect then touched her intimately over her clothing before she exited the vehicle and fled the scene uninjured, police said.

In another incident Nov. 25, around 4 p.m. around 55th Avenue, police said the suspect stopped his vehicle near another 12-year-old victim and asked for directions and showed the victim a piece of paper with numbers on it.

Again, the suspect touched her intimately over her clothing, police said. Police said she was not injured.

In another incident Aug. 6, around 7:45 a.m. near Seabury Street, police said the suspect walked beside a 13-year-old victim and exposed his penis. The suspect fled the location and the victim was not injured, police said.

Police described the vehicle as a white Sedan with a green, white and orange or red flag sticker on the driver’s door with an eagle in the middle.

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