Crime Takes Dive In 110th Precinct

Also: Illegal Car Sales, Park Projects

Falling crime statistics, on-street used car sales and stadium construction plans for Flushing Meadows-Corona Park were hot topics at the 110th Precinct Community Council meeting last Monday night, Sept. 17, at VFW Flanders Field Post 150 in Corona.

Deputy Inspector Ronald Leyson, commanding officer of the 110th Precinct, informed attendees that overall felonies dropped five percent over the previous 28 days, through the command remains up about nine percent year-to-date in major crime.

Over the last week, he added, the command experienced a 48 percent drop in overall crime. Robberies were down, but felony assaults were up for the period; Leyson noted that most of the cases were of a domestic nature, in which the victims were related to one another.

Throughout the year, Leyson noted, he has dispatched additional police resources in areas where crime has flared up. This has resulted in a number of “good arrests” of suspects in identity theft and burglary cases, with many of the collars made through information gathered by police from local residents and activists.

In one case, Leyson noted that 110th Precinct officers recently collared a Brooklyn man suspected of breaking into homes in the vicinity of Roosevelt, Elmhurst and Britton avenues. The area had experienced a rash of break-ins in which crooks gained entry by pushing in air conditioners installed in windows.

“There’s a lot of great work getting done out there,” he said. He encouraged members of the public to continue to work with police to address quality-of-life and crime problems in their neighborhood, adding