City must prune park, street trees

As the seasons transition from summer to autumn, it is important for the city Parks Department to prune many of the trees in the city’s parks and along city streets. While every tree cannot be pruned, there are those that are in serious need of pruning to reduce the risk of injury to people or damage to property.

Also, those trees that are dead or dying need to be removed as quickly as possible. While the city is dealing with a fiscal crisis, it is important to maintain the trees in our parks and along our streets. There are more than 1 million trees within the city and its parks, and some of them have stood for more than 100 years or longer.

They give us needed shade in the summer; beautiful, colorful leaves in the fall; and beautiful blossoms in spring. Our evergreen trees grace us with their winter beauty when snow accumulates upon them, adding to the festive feeling of the holiday season.

Trees are our cathedrals of nature, soaring high above parks, streets and homes. They also give off oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, which cleanses the air, and retain soil from eroding on the sides of our roadways and hills.

Let us work to maintain our trees so they can be enjoyed by many future generations of New Yorkers.

John Amato

Fresh Meadows

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