Queens woman who fought to be taken off life support dies

A Queens woman who fought her parents in court over her right to be taken off life support has reportedly died.

The 28-year-old’s mother told the AP that her daughter, Sungeun Grace Lee, passed away at home Sunday.

According to her, Lee’s funeral service will be held Thursday at the Antioch Missionary Church in Flushing where Lee’s father is a pastor.

A paralyzed brain cancer patient, Lee had made major headlines over her original desire to die by being released of life support measures, despite a push from her parents to keep her alive and ensuing legal battles to take over her right to make medical decisions.

Lee’s highly devout parents — Man Ho Lee and his wife, Jin Ah Lee — feared their daughter’s decision to remove vital breathing and feeding tubes would be suicide and a sin, reports said. Her father, who argued Lee’s state rendered her incompetent, had been fighting in court to be her legal guardian, but dropped the case on October 9 of last year.

According to a YouTube video the family posted on October 4, their daughter no longer wanted to be taken off of life support and was willing to sign her medical proxy over to her father.



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