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City and UFT need to work together

The failure of the city and the United Federation of Teachers to reach an agreement regarding new teacher evaluations is a disgrace.

The mayor, city schools chancellor and UFT president, Michael Mulgrew, should be ashamed of themselves.

Both sides were inflexible, which contributed to the lack of a much-needed agreement. Also, why weren’t teachers consulted about what parameters should be included in teacher evaluations? The UFT needs to get input from those who are on the frontlines in the classrooms every day and not make important decisions, such as teacher evaluations, without the input of the teachers.

Mulgrew needs to remember that he is the president of all the teachers and that he should not always be so quick to make decisions without sufficient input from union membership.

Now, our teachers and students are going to have to bear the burden of much less funding in the classrooms. That is a shame.

John Amato

Fresh Meadows

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