Street Talk: How do you feel about a smoking ban in apartment buildings?

Street Talk


It’s appropriate because it’s bad for your health, especially if children live there.
Justin Nazario

I think that’s stupid. I think everyone should be allowed to smoke because smoking is just a habit. It’s hard to quit. It’s your own business.
Dora Shmoe

I like that fact because smoking is bad for you. There are kids and people that don’t like smoking in apartments.
Minna Kin

I’m for it. It will be fresh air for everyone else in the building, and it’s not good for you.
Fisher D.

It must be banned. Think about families who have kids. It’s for safety of course and for the kids.
Mustapha Raha

I feel that’s better. If you want to smoke, smoke outside. There could be kids in there, taking in smoke they don’t want to take in.
Sara Ajzenman

I like smoking, so I prefer it not to be enforced. If you’re smoking in your apartment or room, you can’t smell it outside your apartment.
Zain Cheena

I don’t agree with that. You’re paying rent. It’s your place. You should be allowed to do whatever you like to do. That’s your sanctuary.
Michael Caponsacco