City expands recycling to include all rigid plastics

Photo courtesy of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Office/by Edward Reed

For the first time New Yorkers can recycle all rigid plastics, including toys, hangers, shampoo bottles, coffee cups and food containers, marking the largest expansion in the city’s recycling program in 25 years.

The expanded list will save more than 50,000 additional tons of landfill waste and almost $600,000 in taxpayer money per year, said Mayor Michael Bloomberg during the announcement yesterday.

“Starting [Wednesday], if it’s a rigid plastic – any rigid plastic – recycle it,” he said. “There is no more worrying about confusing numbers on the bottom of the container.”

According to the mayor’s office, city residents will receive mailers that describe the expansion of the recycling program and illustrations of what they can recycle and how. The city will also send landlords and homeowners replacement labels for their recycling bins. Enforcement of the new recycling rules will not be adopted until July.




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