MTA must improve Rockaway transit

The buses on the Woodhaven corridor are too overcrowded and unreliable and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority does not care.

It is hoping the problem will go away. It has increased buses, but the buses are still overcrowded and unreliable.

The Rockaway Boulevard bus stop going to Rockaway during rush hour is full of pushing and shoving. Many people are afraid at this location. People are angry and frustrated. I think people will start to assault each other.

Norman Silverman, of the MTA, said the overcrowding will improve after the A train reopens again.

He said no to 24-hour Q52 and Q53 bus service. It costs too much and they have no more resources. One lady spent more than $20 to get to Rockaway from Liberty Avenue.

If you miss the last bus at Rockaway Boulevard at night to Beach 95th Street, it can take you more than two hours to get home via the Howard Beach bus shuttle through Far Rockaway.

This is amazing and incredible! The MTA does not care. What can we do?

Most people are taking the Q52 and Q53 to get home faster. Many people have given up.

I am not sure, but I think the shuttle bus to Far Rockaway is useless. It takes too long.

We need to organize constantly. Tell people to contact me, Philip McManus, at [email protected]. Join the Queens Public Transit Committee for better public transit. Join any group that will fight for better transit. Contact our elected leaders, media and the MTA to give more service.

Do not give up. We also need to fight to reopen the old Long Island Rail Road Rockaway Beach line and provide better transit options for Queens.

Philip McManus

Rockaway Park

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