Rockaway line would reduce bus crowding

The A train has been out of service since Superstorm Sandy devastated many areas of Rockaway. So I have been taking the Q52 bus to get home, at Arverne By the Sea.

Based on my observations from waiting for the Q52 at Woodhaven Boulevard near the J subway station, there are two or three Q53s for every Q52. I take the Q52 around 2:35 p.m. Usually my wait is around 20 minutes, but a few times I wait about 40 to 60 minutes. And when it is a long waiting time, the bus is usually crowded all the way to its front doors.

Thank God the riders do not show any negativity. I cannot say the same for one of the rude bus drivers who drove over every street bump. Also, when the bus is late there is heavier traffic to deal with.

It is understandable that the A train tracks need time for repairs, but it would be great if the Metropolitan Transportation Authority could schedule more Q52 buses so Rockaway residents can get home earlier to continue the Sandy cleanup.

Is it possible to reopen the old Rockaway Beach line of the Long Island Rail Road so Queens can have a crosstown train route? This would help reduce overcrowding on buses and trains and decrease travel times within Queens.

The LIRR’s East Side Access project, to bring its trains to Grand Central Terminal, may add incentive to reactivating the Rockaway Beach line.

I hope someone can help us.

Marilyn Chin

Arverne by the Sea

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