Dragon Boat Festival Recipe: Craft dragon rolls for festivities

Photo by Christina Santucci

The dragon roll is a thick sushi roll of eel and cucumber covered with thinly sliced avocado.

The topping resemble scales of a dragon, hence the name. Grilled eel can be found at Japanese supermarkets in the refrigerated or frozen sections of the store. The eel must be re-cooked before it is eaten.





Sushi rice

Nori (edible seaweed)

Eel sauce


Create a sushi roll with eel and cucumbers in the interior and surrounded by an exterior layer of sushi rice.

Slice half a peeled avocado and place on top of the roll of sushi.

Use a sushi mat to press the avocado to the top of the roll so that it sticks.

Cut up into pieces, put on a plate and drizzle with eel sauce

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