LIC Flea vendors up for Vendy Awards

Photos courtesy of Itizy, Luke’s Lobster, Popitbaby and Khao Man Gai NY

Four LIC Flea & Food vendors are not only shining at the market.

Luke’s Lobster, Itizy, Popitbaby and Khao Man Gai NY are each finalists at the 9th Annual Vendy Awards taking place this Saturday, September 7 from 2:30 to 7 p.m. at 116 39th Street in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Each year finalists come with their food trucks or carts to serve their treats for judges and attendees. The event, emceed by Negin Farsad, also includes beer, wine, non-alcoholic drink, tables and chairs, live music, performances and a raffle. The day will end with a ceremony awarding the winners.

Luke’s Lobster, which could be found at the Flea almost every Saturday and Sunday, is nominated for this year’s Vendy Cup.

“We’re super excited and we’ve been preparing,” said Lauren Gibson, director of catering and events for Luke’s Lobster. “I’m also looking forward to trying all the other food and I’m really excited to see what other people are bringing to the plate.”

Itizy, found at the Flea on Sundays, is going up for the Dessert Award for its handcrafted ice cream and sorbet.

“People love our ice cream and it’s really great to see that in the nomination,” said Itizy co-owner Ann Yu. “This will be for us to really show people not just our ice cream, but what we are really all about.”

Within only four months of starting the business, Khao Man Gai NY was nominated in the Market category.

“We were super excited,” said Khao Man Gai NY co-owner Eric Henshaw. “It’s going to be a great day, everyone that is there is excited to try your food. I think it’s going to be a really good energy, it should be a good day.”

Popitbaby, which started only one month ago, has also been nominated for the Dessert Award.

On the official website for the event, the Vendy Awards are described as “a festival of respect and gratitude for all vendors an everything they provide us.”

The awards also serve as a fundraiser for The Street Vendor Project, a membership-based non-profit organization started to serve and stand up for the rights of New York City vendors.