Authorities opt not to charge Jamaica biker in West Side Highway melee: Post

JAMAICA — A Jamaica man will not be charged for in connection to a wild bike chase along the West Side Highway.

On Sunday, a group of several dozen bikers attempting to close off part of the highway so they could perform stunts got into a confrontation with the driver of an SUV, the New York Post reported.

The harrowing incident was caught on camera by one of the bikers.

The “>video shows the bikers chasing the SUV for several blocks uptown. At one point, the bikers attempt to box in the driver of the SUV, Alexian Lien. Lien, who had his wife and young daughter in the car, initially slows to a stop, but with the bikers swarming around him, he then guns it to escape and hits a biker as he drives away.

Eventually the bikers catch up to him and allegedly proceed to slash his tires, pull him out of the vehicle and physically beat him in front of his family, the New York Post reported.

Initial reports alleged that one rider, Jamaica resident Allen Edwards, 43, had bashed in Lien’s driver’s-side window with his helmet, however sources told the Post that Edwards turned himself in to police Tuesday morning and was released without being charged.

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