In Memoriam

John Kraker

Jan.15, 1953-June 8, 2013

To Our Dearest Brother John on Your First Christmas in Heaven. We hope you find the peace and joy you never had on earth being shunned and ridiculed by the very people you cared for the most. Most people never got to know you as well as we did. and those people missed out on knowing an intelligent and good spirited person you really were. Too bad some people tend to worship Jesus instead of living their life the way Jesus would have. The door slammed behind you as you were forced to leave your home and closed in your face right before the moment of your death is something we will never ever forget or understand. But we wish You were here with us this Christmas as you were for the past few years. Our doors were always open without being judgemental. God Bless you and Merry Christmas. We love you and your spirit is with us always. With our love Monko and Mike

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