Legal drinking age should be made 18

I am old enough to join the military, old enough to buy a car, old enough to own a house, but I am not old enough to purchase alcohol. As I move up in the social rankings, I should not be held back socially among my peers.

The legal age for the purchase of alcohol is 21. Society feels like when someone reaches 21 they are mature enough for alcohol. Therefore, until they reach that age they must stay away from alcohol because it could cause potential danger to the people of America.

When one turns 18, they are entitled to receiving the rights and responsibilities of adulthood. They have the right to vote, the right to get married, etc. Alcohol is a part of adulthood and I understand the age limit is to keep kids from abusing it.

But an 18-year-old, by law, is no longer a child, so it would only be fair if they had the same right as an adult.

A law should never be broken, but broken consequences should be enforced by police. About two out of 1,000 incidents involving illegal drinking by someone under 21 lead to arrest. Only two. If 998 people are not going to be punished for breaking the law, why have it?

I am writing with respect and inquiry. I would just like to understand why there are exceptions for the social boundaries of pre-adults — people who are legally adults who are still held back by laws from certain rights.

Naeem Swinton


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