Derelict boat goes unnoticed in College Point

An abandoned boat sits in Flushing Bay Harbor in College Point
THE COURIER/Photo by Eric Jankiewicz

The origin of an abandoned boat on the College Point shoreline in Flushing Bay is a mystery but like the bay’s water, which government agency is responsible for abandoned vessels is murky.

According to the Coast Guard and other organizations, there is no agency that’s responsible for such unworthy sea vessels that aren’t obstructing waterways.

“It just appeared here one day and we’ve been salvaging it for parts ever since,” said a construction worker, who didn’t want his name revealed because he didn’t know whether it was illegal to take parts of the boat. He said that the boat has been in the bay for five years. While the decrepit boat shell doesn’t bother the construciton worker, he wonders why the city hasn’t done anything about it.

“If someone abandons their car, the government is going to tow it, right? So why do different rules apply here?” he said.

The hulk, which has the word “Fright” written in white on its bow, is completely rusted over and its innards, engine and all, have been gutted by the mechanics in the area.

Since the boat sits on the muddy shore near 119th Street and 20th Avenue, the Coast Guard doesn’t need to do anything about it. The Coast Guard will only do something if dysfunctional boats block waterways. The same goes for the Army Corp of Engineers but neither knows anything about the boat, according to spokesmen for the two entities.

College Point’s civic association also doesn’t know anything about the boat. The Arrow Yacht Club, which is located near the abandoned boat, is unaware of the about 60-foot-long beached vessel.

There are indications that the boat once traversed New York City’s waterways in the service of helping larger vessels move, such as its stout but thick build and the corroded rubber bumper.
Things like clothes and sleeping bags below deck suggest that someone now might be using the boat as a home.