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News from the 112th Precinct Community Council

How To Keep Thieves Out Of Your Vehicles

Every day, people are still leaving valuable items in their cars. People are leaving the car doors unlocked. And there are people who are in the area that will take the items from unlocked cars.

Even if you are just going into a store for a moment, make sure that you have locked your car. Make sure that you do not have valuables on the seat. Do not leave a wallet. Do not leave your cell phone-and do not leave your keys.

Equally important, do not leave your car idling and walk away from it. Cars in our community have been stolen in this manner. It is also illegal to leave your car idling.

A few years ago, a car that was left running while the owner was in the store, was stolen and then the perp killed someone while driving the stolen car. This happened once in our community, we do not need for it to ever happen again.

Do not leave your car idling. Turn it off. Take the keys. Lock the door and be safe.

Capt. Judith Harrison, commanding officer of the 112th Precinct offered on Twitter this week various steps that you can take to protect your car:

– Completely close all the windows.

– Never leave your vehicle running unattended.

– Install a steering wheel locking device.

– Lock all the doors.

– Install a locking fuel cap.

– Remove all valuables.

– Install a vehicle tracking system.

– Park in well-lit locations and avoid isolated areas.

– Install an ignition or fuel kill switch.

– Install an alarm system with a kill switch.

Other news

Our next meeting is Wednesday, Sept. 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the precinct Our guest speaker will include: Firefighter Medina. We will also have a guest from the Mayor’s Office to speak regarding domestic violence.

In addition, for those of you who have not met our new captain, we are going to have a lot of time to meet Captain Harrison. Come join us.

We are also having a drive for people to bring in magazines that you do not need. We are going to donate the magazines to the local hospitals. In some instances the magazines will go to the patients. In other instances the magazines will go in the waiting rooms.

If you have extra magazines to spare, please bring them to the meeting.

Editor’s note: Heidi Harrison Chain is president of the 112th Precinct Community Council.

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