Obama caught in a Catch-22

Republican bobble heads have been screaming that President Barack Obama is not doing enough when it comes to Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine and Russia.

But when they are asked what he should do, they are silent.

Not surprisingly, they have absolutely nothing constructive to say. Should we send troops? Should we drop an atomic bomb on Putin?

Perhaps Obama should change the color of his skin. I am sure that would make the closet racists in Congress happy.

And now, all but four of the Republicans in Congress — the least productive in history — just took a vote, and it was not to raise the minimum wage, put in place equal pay, create jobs or help veterans.

It was to sue Obama for “exceeding his constitutional powers.” This lawsuit will waste valuable time and millions of taxpayer dollars.

How wonderful. On one hand the president is doing nothing, and on the other he is doing too much.

One thing is certain: Aside from fighting every one of Obama’s initiatives from day one, the GOP has sat on its hands — only raising them to vote against Obama every chance they got regardless of the detrimental effect on the citizens of the United States.

This is the least productive Congress in history, and instead of doing their jobs they are suing the president for doing his.

Robert LaRosa


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