Local resident starts writing group in Ridgewood

THE COURIER/Photo by Salvatore Licata

A writer’s struggles can be daunting, but a Ridgewood writer hopes to help locals overcome difficulties with their literary labors.

Amy Wilson, who moved to the neighborhood from Michigan in July, founded Ridgewood Writers so local authors could offer each other support.

“I’m aware of how difficult it is for people to pursue their own writing careers,” Wilson said. “This will give myself and the members of the group a new perspective on our work and can help us grow as writers.”

The group was started at the beginning of September and already has seven members. They are having their first meeting this Saturday at 2:30 p.m. at The Spot, a restaurant located on Madison Avenue and Fresh Pond Road.

Wilson, 26, said that she already noticed how tight-knit Ridgewood is and believes the group would be a great way for her to get more involved and in tune with the community along with helping her begin a more serious writing experience.

“My personal goal for the group is to get a deeper connection to Ridgewood and grow a support network when writing,” Wilson said. “I am still working on a lot of different things and this group will give me the accountability I need to keep writing.”

She has written novels and poetry and is hoping to start a compilation of essays that will be based on her experiences.

Wilson said that between work and life she has yet to attempt to publish her work, but she is hoping that this group will help her and all of the other members get published.

She hopes that as they grow, the group will be able to work with local visual artists and start their own collection of writings and arts about Ridgewood.

Wilson encourages writers of all skill levels to become members and hopes to work with writers of varying styles.

“Don’t be intimidated to join the group based on your level of writing skills,” Wilson noted. “I want people to have a fun experience and want any writer who wishes for a more serious path in writing to join.”

To find out more about the Ridgewood Writers group, contact Amy Wilson at [email protected].