Pets turn into superheroes for ‘Woofside’ parade

By Juan Soto

Woodside did the unthinkable to fight the bad guys.

For the first time in history, the neighborhood was able to unite Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman together in the same spot.

Well, they were not the real superheroes, but their dog metamorphoses.

Superdog, Wonder Dog and Batdog were three of the canines that participated in the third annual “Woofside Halloween Pet Parade” in Woodside.

The four-legged creatures and their two-legged human companions took over Skillman Avenue for a dog costume parade that is growing each year.

“This is a lot of fun,” said Woodside resident Ryan George, who attended the pet parade with Ana George and their two ghost busters canines named Lex and Zoe. “There are a little nervous now, but they will have fun once the parade begins.”

“The dogs have a wonderful time because they see the friends they have at the park,” said Ana George.

Not far from the ghost busters was Hunter, a biker dog wearing a “Sons of Anarchy” leather jacket.

“He is a biker, like my son,” said Lisa Delsignore, a Woodside neighbor. “This is the best. It brings everyone out. This is very creative.”

Marta Romero stumbled on the pet parade last year, and she made sure she participated in this year’s celebration. “It’s beautiful.”

Romero was at the parade with some of her friends. Together, they got the dynamic trio of Superdog, Wonder Dog and Batdog together.

“This is so awesome,” said Romero as the three dog superheroes were getting ready to march in the Halloween parade.