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Gridlock at PS 188

I am a resident of Hartland Avenue where PS 188 is located. I have been looking for some help with the dismissal time problems we residents of the block have been experiencing.

The parents who are picking up their children have been parking across our driveways and leaving their cars. As a result, when we come home during this time, we either have to drive around the block until the parent returns to his or her car and vacates our driveway entrance or we are forced to double park, blocking the flow of traffic. Some parents are even pulling up into our driveways (which is private property) and leaving their cars there while they walk up to the school to pick up their children.

I have contacted the principal, but she will not help. I know of several other principals of public schools in the neighborhoods who are out there preventing parents from parking in residents’ driveways, but the principal of PS 188 refuses to do that.

I have contacted the police, but their answer is that they don’t have enough cars. A small mobile unit could give out enough tickets between parents double parked and leaving unattended vehicles, to blocked driveways, to parking in front of fire hydrants, to meet the precinct’s ticket quota for a month.

I have contacted the Civic Association and they have helped but once the requests from the association to the school get old, the problem resumes.

I have contacted Mr. Weprin, but unless this problem is monitored on a regular basis it will never ever improve.

I have been told that I must take care of this on my own. Really? Should I park in front of my blocked driveway and refuse to move? Should I barrel my way out of my driveway so I can get to work on time?

What is a reasonable solution? The ones who can actually do something about it, won’t.

I invite you to come to Hartland Avenue at 2:30 p.m., to actually witness what goes on.

The blatant disregard that some of these parents have for property that belongs to someone else is appalling. They are rude and curse prolifically when confronted about the illegal parking.

Liz Grasso


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