More basement apartments, more stress on city services

By Kim F. Cody

Just before she gave her first State of the Borough address, Melinda Katz stated the city should consider new zoning districts for basement apartments. It’s quite obvious Ms. Katz has not been out and about the borough she represents.

Our borough, like every other borough, has a severe problem with parking. As of right now, the homeowners who are not renting out “illegal” basement apartments, do not have any place to park their cars as it is.

For the borough president to even think about asking the city Department of Buildings to look at the possibility of legalizing more basement apartments is ridiculous. By doing this, she would be putting additional stress on city services, that are already lacking in our communities.

Does she really believe that by “legalizing” these illegal rentals that it will be conducive to our communities? As I stated, more stress on the lacking city services we receive, is not what residents and homeowners need. She should reconsider her actions before moving forward on them.

Kim F. Cody


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