Astorians rescue Texas wallet

A note from the Texas Panhandle:

I have a story that you might find interesting. My cousin Stacey, her daughter and I just spent a few days in New York City. Any time I go to New York, people here say things like, “ I would never go there” or “Are the people there rude?” Of course, I always respond immediately that people in the city are wonderful, helpful, friendly, and kind, although I’m sure that there are bad people there just as there are anywhere. I am always met with a skeptical look.

On the most recent trip, Stacey realized about 30 minutes after we’d taken a cab ride that she had left her billfold in the back seat. We called all the phone numbers we could find but did not have the cab number, a receipt or anything else of value. She spent the afternoon calling various numbers, visiting the lost-and-found at the designated police precinct, phoning home to get information to help on our return trip to Texas, and so forth.

I kept telling Stacey to take heart and have a little faith. I said that most people are honest and good-hearted (some people don’t agree with me on this) and that someone might get in that cab, find the billfold, and mail it back to her, even though it would be too late to help us on the trip.

I’m sure the ending to this story is evident. Exactly one week to the day after our return, Stacey received a package. Inside was the wallet with everything intact, including five $100 bills. The return address indicated that the people were from Astoria, although they did not include a note or anything else with the package.

Believe me, I’ve told everyone all over town, spreading the word that there are good people everywhere.

Diane Thorpe

Perryton, Texas

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