Catsimatidis’ reach extends to two talk radio shows

By Bill Lewis

John Catsimatidis’ Sunday morning radio show has now expanded into two programs on AM dial 970. The segment from 8:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. generally includes local, city and state political developments. From 9 a.m. to10 a.m. national and international issues will be stressed. In only a short time the listening audience’s request for a larger program has come to fruition. Catsimatidis’ political trail has grown as he has had numerous guests on his program from both major political parties and also from conservative and liberal backgrounds.

Radio and the Internet have given success to his show. Catsimatidis continually stresses truth and commonsense when discussing foreign policy in the Mideast, or American military efforts, including our undertakings against terrorism.

His show has become a popular radio political talk show on Sunday mornings as the listening audience grows.

Having a radio talk show on Sunday morning that attracts a growing group of listeners is unusual in itself. However, this show has grown and expanded. Catsimatidis continues to emphasize common sense. He has had a number of office holders and candidates for public office appear. This has added interest to the show.

On several occasions various office holders have appeared on his show who have expressed their interest in running for U.S. president in 2016. They would be seeking the Republican nomination. Most political observers seem to feel that Hillary Clinton will probably be the Democratic Party candidate, although there could be a primary challenge against her as well.

Catsimatidis intends to give a lot of interest to the presidential race. He will be giving his opinions about the various candidates and how they interest the voters. The show has given high office holders, both elected and appointed, in addition to candidates, an opportunity to express their views.

There are more quotations from this show appearing in the daily media newspapers.

John Catsimatidis has been one of New York’s most successful businessmen. It has been said his business experience has helped him with his successful radio programs.

Talk radio seems to have grown in recent years despite the domination of television.Cats

As has been indicated in this column before, there will be no major elections in Queens County this year. The Queens district attorney is up for election besides a number of elected judgeships.

The major interest this year in Queens politics will be the battle of leadership in the Republican Party. The County Party convention in September of this year will decide that matter. Meanwhile, we can expect primaries for the party positions for district leaders and members of the county committee.

The County Democratic Party has not had a major fight over leadership in years. Things that happen in 2015 can affect political developments in 2016, both at the national and state levels.

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