Flyers open the outdoor season with record-setting performance

Photos courtesy of St. Margaret/Resurrection Flyers

The St. Margaret/Resurrections Flyers started their outdoor season by breaking a record at the Spring Games in Astoria Park on April 19.

The Flyers novice boys teams of Josiah Boulet, Kevin Isca, Unai Higgins and Andrew Kelly set the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) record for the fastest running time in the 600-meter medley relay in the novice division at 1 minute and 56 seconds. This record-setting performance also gave the boys a gold medal victory.

Also bringing home the gold were senior girls and boys Aniara Higgins, Rebecca Hurson Luc Cathersal and Brian Kelly for the running long jump. Senior girls Keriann Koenig, Ariel LaForest, Caira Roche and Karolina Niepokoj and junior girls Nina Allen, Zara Nafaa, Lili Cathersal and Zara McPartland all won gold medals for the 1,200-meter medley relay.

Winning gold for the 1,200-meter medley relay were junior boys Owen Kelly, Joseph Browne, John Boger and Seamus Girdusky. Peewee Cole Perna took the top prize for the 50-meter dash.

Photo courtesy St. Margaret/Resurrection Flyers

Novice girls Olia Higgins, Nora Olmo, Catherine Roche and Aileen Mitritonda won the silver medal for the 600-meter medley relay. Receiving silver medals for the 1,200-meter medley relay were senior boys Daniel Longcar, Alex LaForest, Joshua Boulet and John Ostling.

The bronze medal recipients for the Flyers were bantam boys Kacper Neipokoj, Victor Ostling, Sean Roche and Ricky Hubert for the 800-meter medley relay as well as Robert Geraci and Shane Rooney for the running long jump.

Other medal recipients are Mackenize Collin and Emily Browne for the running long jump.

Bantam runner Joshua Rivera, novice girl Kate Lynagh and bantam girl Claire Rooney put in tremendous efforts in the 50-meter dash. Also giving valiant efforts were junior girl Bryana Hurson for the 400-meter run and junior girls Shauna Hurson and Jayde Sabin in the 200-meter run.

The Flyers’ next meet is this Saturday, May 2, at Astoria Park.