Astoria woman takes home over $9K on Wheel of Fortune

Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures Television, Wheel of Fortune

She wasn’t the big winner, but Astoria resident Lizzette Colon cashed in big during her appearance on Wheel of Fortune Friday night.

Colon picked up $9,350 in cash plus a $1,000 gift certificate to Omaha Steaks. She earned $4,000 in taking two toss-up puzzles, in which guests ring in as letters are revealed on the board.

She also solved the mystery round puzzle, picking up $5,350 in cash and the Omaha Steaks prize for correctly guessing “Oscar Winner Julianne Moore” in the show biz category.

“It’s still very surreal. I’ve sort have been walking around saying ‘this really happened,'” Colon said about watching the May 22 episode and reliving the experience. “I’m not on television, I sort of live an everyday life, and now I can say I was on a television show. It’s mine and no one can take that away from me and that’s what is really exciting about it.”

Colon won the first toss-up puzzle worth $1,000, then the mystery round worth $5,350 in cash and a $1,000 gift certificate to Omaha Steaks. She missed out on the prize puzzle, but picked up the $3,000 toss-up puzzle. All told, she picked up a combined $10,350 in cash and steaks.

Although she came in second, she said she feels good about what she was able to win and plans to use some of her winnings to take a trip to Costa Rica with her husband and daughter.

Colon added that it was also nice to feel so many people support her especially throughout the borough she calls home.

“What was really nice about it was representing Queens,” she said. “It was something about the fact that my school knew about it, former students knew about it, [and] it felt for a moment like a small-town vibe. It was something about feeling that I have a tons of people rooting for me. That was really cool.”


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