Selected poems from PS 98 fourth graders

“Sweet Doctors”

by Matthew Doban

I know about eyes,

But I never knew they could sparkle,

Until I saw you

I know hearts could beat slowly,

But I never knew they could race,

Until I saw you

I knew faces had details,

But I never knew they could light up your day,

Until I saw you

“My Dumb Annoying Lifesaving Allergies”

by Helena Barrett

Summer is my favorite season

You can bike around the neighborhood,

With no reason

But as the cold winds start to grow,

It is time for summer to go

Then comes fall and after there’s winter

Then this dimwitted ice starts to splinter and quake

And then there’s spring,

Give me a break!

Dad’s old car is covered in yellow

My friend keeps on sneezing

That poor poor fellow

My nose is always running

That pollen is so cunning!

Spring is such a fool

It’s really not that cool

Except for last Friday

When spring made me stay home

From school!


by Maria Plioutas

A hero is not just someone like Superman or Batman

A hero cares, they will always be by your side

Remember that day you cried?

Well the person that was there for you—

That was your hero.

So many people in the world are heroes.

Next time you look at someone

Think about what makes them a hero

Because everyone is a hero deep inside

You might even be a hero too

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