New LIC rock climbing facility looks to provide value for local community

BKB Brooklyn – Training
Photos courtesy of Brooklyn Boulders

A vision that was started over four years ago to bring a hybrid climbing facility and community center to Long Island City will soon become reality.

Brooklyn Boulders (BKB), a rock climbing facility that opened in 2009 in Brooklyn, is slated to open its fourth location and first in Queens this summer.

The idea for the 25,000-square-foot hybrid climbing facility and community center, which is located at 23-10 41st Ave. and is called BKB Queensbridge, was born in 2011 when BKB co-founder Lance Pinn came upon the site.

Since then, BKB founders have had to wait for the building, which is now an apartment complex, to be erected before they could start construction to bring the facility to the community.

“It’s extremely exciting because I had to study a lot of economic development planning to understand the boom that has occurred here. It wasn’t as obvious in 2011,” Pinn said. “It’s just amazing to see all the growth that’s occurred since then.”

BKB Queensbridge is expected to open this summer at 23-10 41st Ave. in Long Island City.

One of the aspects that made Long Island City an attractive location for their new facility was the neighborhood’s proximity to public transportation. BKB Queensbridge has seven different subway lines within five blocks from the site, and it is nine blocks away from the G train.

The facility will feature a selection of climbing terrain, climbing classes, fitness programs and equipment, a dedicated weight room, spacious yoga studio, saunas, youth programs, multiple event spaces, co-working spaces, lounges, a café, an art gallery and many more amenities.

Pinn also added that he encourages those who come to the facility to recommend programs they would like to see added.

“Our goal is to be convenient and provide value for the people here,” Pinn said. “We will be serving people and finding out what they want and build the program up that way.”

Although construction is expected to be completed in a month, an official opening date has not been set yet as BKB Queensbridge just waits to receive all city approvals.

In the meantime, the facility is offering members of the public the ability to RSVP for Hard Hat Tours and Dinners which offer a sneak peek inside the space.

“It’s a nice little community building event that we found has served well to create the feel-good feeling we are going for,” Pinn said.

For more information or to purchase a membership in advance, click here.


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