Boston-based sci-fi ‘monster wrestling’ event to debut in Queens

Photo courtesy of Kaiju Big Battel


Where in the world can you witness mutant alien creatures and giant monsters facing off against each other in an epic battle amid a crumbling, Styrofoam cityscape? In Queens, of course, as Kaiju Big Battel takes over the Elks Club in Elmhurst this Friday, July 10.

The production combines elements from low-budget sci-fi and B movies with American pro-wrestling and Japanese horror classics like “Godzilla” to form a live monster wrestling extravaganza.

Kaiju, which is Japanese for “monster” or “mysterious beast,” features a rogue’s gallery of giant robots, battlebots and out-of-this-world creatures squaring off in a wrestling ring. The battleground is littered with monster movie props, including cardboard and foam skyscrapers that the monsters delightfully stomp on and destroy throughout their matches.

Kaiju Big Battel was created by Studio Kaiju, a Boston-based media and performance company known for its live, tournament-style events. This is the first time the company is bringing such an event into Queens.

The Kaiju Commissioner, described by Studio Kaiju as an “enigmatic human-arbiter appointed by a clandestine cadre of world leaders to regulate Kaiju (monster) rage,” presides over each battle.

According to the studio, Kaiju maintains a assortment of roughly 30 different monsters. Stars of the show include Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, a factory worker who was transformed into a soup can, and a wise but slovenly rabbit sage named Dusto Bunny. There is also Uchu Chu the Space Bug, a blue alien named Sky Deviler and the square-shaped mad scientist Dr. Cube.

The mission of the tournament, according to Studio Kaiju, is to “protect the world from crazed kaiju and danger.” Will they succeed, or will the monsters triumph?

To find out, purchase a ticket for Friday’s match in Queens and become a spectator at the battle royale.

Tickets for the show, located at 82-20 Queens Blvd., are $20 each and available online by clicking here. Special merchandise, including unique sodas, sweets and treats from Japan, will also be available at the event.