Queens West Kiwanis clubs donate to Project Eliminate

Photos courtesy JP DiTroia

The 17 clubs of the Kiwanis Queens West Division have helped raise $47,000 for the Kiwanis International’s Project Eliminate, which fights to end maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) around the world.

Currently, Kiwanis International has raised $100 million over the last four years for Project Eliminate, saving 50 million babies and mothers from this painful disease. The goal is to reach $110 million by the end of the year, saving an additional 5 million mothers and their children.

MNT causes newborn babies to suffer from repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. It also can have negative effects on mothers, causing them to die too.

“In our clubs we raised $47,000 from the 17 Queens West divisions,” said J.P. DiTroia, lieutenant governor of Kiwanis Queens West. “Middle Village raised over $9,000. I’m very proud of our division. This is the power of Kiwanis.”

DiTroia said the clubs were able to raise the money through fundraising events, walks, individual donations and matching grants.

“We are very happy. Hopefully we can get more donations,” DiTroia said. “It has been a long rollercoaster ride. I am confident that they will reach the goal.”

The Kiwanis clubs of New York State have raised over 1 million dollars toward Project Eliminate.

“This disease is hard on the babies and hard on the mothers. Both can die from tetanus,” DiTroia said. “I am grateful that we made the donations that we did. I am confident that Kiwanis will get it done. We have great energy. Our members are great.”

In addition to their work with Project Eliminate, the Kiwanis Clubs of Queens West help fight pediatric Lyme disease.

During the Kiwanis district convention in Albany, DiTroia chaired a Pie in the Face Kiwanis Pediatric Lyme Fundraiser event where the highest bidder won the right to throw a pie in the face of the newly elected New York State Governor-elect 2016-2017, Stephen Sirgiovanni.

In total, the event raised $1,000 for pediatric Lyme disease.

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