Popular culinary walking tour Noshwalks coming to Ridgewood

Sample the sweet and savory cuisine of Ridgewood on Saturday's Noshwalks food tour of the neighborhood.
RIDGEWOOD TIMES/Photos by Kelly Marie Mancuso

Author, world traveler and gastronome Myra Alperson will be bringing her acclaimed Noshwalks food tour to the streets of Ridgewood this Saturday, Sept. 12.

The celebrated tour will explore Ridgewood’s eclectic cuisine with stops at local eateries, markets and specialty stores.

“This tour showcases a vibrant and diverse neighborhood, including an 80-plus-year-old German/Italian bakery and all sorts of delicious surprises en route,” Alperson explained. “Our tastes begin in the Caribbean, but also include Italian gelati, Bulgarian specialties, Bosnian kebabs, Polish pierogi or blintzes, or whatever we find that day, as well as other culinary pleasures, which can also include Balkan, Dominican and Mexican tastes.”

Alperson began Noshwalks back in August 2000 as a way to explore the city’s multicultural neighborhoods by fork and by foot. Her motto is simple yet intriguing: “Nosh your way from Odessa to Bombay and never leave New York!”

Noshwalks was to visit Ridgewood last December, but inclement weather put a damper on those plans. However, Alperson did offer an exclusive taste of the many delectable stops along her Ridgewood tour route. The tour included visits to local markets for unique, hard-to-find fare.

In addition to exploring Ridgewood’s culinary gems, Alperson also peppers her Noshwalks tours with knowledge about the neighborhood’s history and architecture, stopping by local landmarks such as the Ridgewood Savings Bank (corner of Forest Avenue and George Street) on Myrtle Avenue and St. Matthias Church (58-15 Catalpa Ave.).

“When you go to the church, you feel like you’re in a European village because nothing is taller than the church,” she said. “The trend is to take the elevated train back. You can see the church steeple from the platform; it feels like you’re traveling through Europe.”

The 3-hour Noshwalks tour of Ridgewood will kick off on Saturday, Sept. 12 at 11:30 a.m. at the Caribe Star Restaurant (54-55 Myrtle Ave.). Tickets cost $55 for adults or $20 for children ages 6 to 12, and the tour is free for children under 6. Tickets must be purchased online in advance by clicking here. For more information, call 212-222-2243.

Alperson’s latest book, “Nosh New York: The Food Lover’s Guide to New York City’s Most Delicious Neighborhoods” is also available on Amazon.