Bayside pets get vaccinated

Bayside pets get vaccinated
Khloe and Devyn of Whitestone got a chance to play with the Christmas gift of a girl’s dreams, an affectionate mixed breed named Finnegan while at the pop-up vaccination clinic at Modern Pet.
Photo by Michael Shain
By Sadef Ali Kully

Dozens of pets in Bayside got their vaccinations last weekend at the Modern Pet shop inside the Bay Terrace shopping center.

From mixed-breed beagles to huskies, every pet of every size came to get their shots for a quarter of the price.

The owners of Modern Pet partnered with the Bayside-based non-profit Pet Food Lifeline and Long Island-based veterinarians from Crawford Dog and Cat Hospital to provide vaccines for all canine and feline breeds.

Vaccines for rabies and kennel cough as well as microchips were available at the site for pet owners.

“I think the most important thing people can do (for their pets) is regular examinations,” Dr. Keith Niesenbaum from Crawford Dog and Cat Hospital, said.

Niesenbaum gave additional advice to pet owners.

“We recommend vaccines according to the lifestyle of the pet,” he said. “We see a lot of overweight pets, so the pet’s diet is important and good dental care.”

Niesenbaum said most of the pets he saw that day were in overall good health.

“Bayside pet owners really care for their pets and you can tell by how happy the pet is,” he said.

Gregg Sullivan, founder of Pet Food Lifeline, a non-profit that brings food to pet shelters across the city, said he wanted to set up medical care for pets at the discounted price, while helping those pets that need the most support.

“It can get expensive to take care of pets and your dollars spent here can help bring food to those animals in need,” Sullivan said.

He said it was easy to ask Crawford Dog and Cat Hospital and Modern Pet for assistance.

“Everyone was ready to jump in and help out,” he said.

Modern Pet owners Sean Jordan and Sophia Diakakis are avid proponents of rescuing pets and helping pet owners with getting the best care for their animals.

Jordan and Diakakis organized rescue pet adoptions at Modern Pet before Thanksgiving and plan to organize another rescue pet adoption at the store before Christmas.

“Between the adoption and the vaccines—it is about good pet health and good ownership,” Jordan said.

Jordan said Dec. 19-20, Modern Pet will bring in rescued pets, mostly puppies, to the store for adoption.

Diakakis said the puppies were irresistible — last year she adopted a mixed beagle puppy named Finn, who was excited tio make friends with all people and pets in shop.

“There is nothing nicer than finding a good home for them,” Diakakis said. “It’s a great gift for the pet and the owner for the holidays.”

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