Tips for New Caregivers

When you finally admit that your loved one just really isn’t the same or has recently experienced some major health problems, it’s hard to know where to begin. Below is a list of things to consider when you get started:

  1. Get familiar with everything related to their medical needs including, but not limited to: the names & numbers of their doctors, medications, diagnosis, signs and symptoms of their condition, and the current or best treatment for your loved one.
  2. Who has power of attorney? If no one is designated, someone should be both for medical and financial. This will be extremely important if an emergency happens and your loved one can no longer make decisions for themselves. That person will need to know and have access to all accounts, medical insurance, long term care insurance, if applicable, keys to their property and deed to their house.
  3. What about their network of friends and professionals? Do you know who they would contact and where you can access their information to notify them of your loved one’s condition or cancel professional services?
  4. Remember to check out local resources and learn about the various benefits that are available to assist your loved one. Are they eligible for VA benefits, could they use assistance at home? Is their home the safest location for them? Do you need to make modifications to make it safe or is it time for them to move?

This is just the tip of the iceberg for new family caregivers. There is a ton of information out there to research. Start with a friend or family member who has been there before; ask your medical professional or even your friendly healthcare professional. Starting with someone you know will help you build your own support system during an already difficult time.

At Renaissance Home Care and Adult Day Services we pride ourselves in helping our seniors make healthy decisions by giving our seniors healthy options to choose from through our many services and amenities. We strive to provide the freshest ingredients in our meal preparation, encourage our seniors to become active, and make sure they hydrate themselves regularly throughout the day! The only person who can make a difference in overcoming the various illnesses related to obesity, as well as obesity itself, is you! Take control and make a change!

By Christina O’Leary, BS Exercise Science, Director of Branding & Media Renaissance Home Health Care & Adult Day Services

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