Victoria’s Secrets: So much to be grateful for

Our talented events team at the Schneps Communications holiday party.
Photos by Marcin Zurawicz

Each year is unique in its own way, and 2015 didn’t disappoint me. It was filled with enormous joy yet deep sadness, but that is life and I’m grateful for all I have!

I was blessed this year with the birth of my granddaughter, Sloane Londyn, my children Josh and Tracey’s perfect little girl named in memory of my late husband Stu, and my daughter Lara. She is a perfect being blessed with good health and endless smiles. A true treasure. Even her 3-year-old brother Hudson adores her!

It was a sad day when my dear friend, the indomitable and powerful Claire Shulman, lost her husband of more than 60 years, Mel. A psychiatrist whom Claire had met when she was a nurse at the former Queens General Hospital, Mel and my husband Stu, a nephrologist, had much in common. The four of us had traveled and dined together endless times. Stu and Mel were both brainy and shared a love of jazz singers.

When they were together, they were like two happy kids enjoying each other. Hopefully they are enjoying each other in heaven!

This year, we have grown our events business thanks to a remarkable team who has made it possible to bring great joy to the countless men and women we have honored while raising thousands of dollars for important causes in our community. We were thrilled to expand our signature Power Women in Business event to Long Island, and we filled the halls of Leonard’s Palazzo in Great Neck with 700 people. More importantly, we saw extraordinary women being recognized for their achievements. Many of those whom we honored told me that, although they are leaders in their industries, they had not previously been honored in such a way. The joy and happiness I saw on their faces filled my heart with pride.

As anyone in business knows, the leaders of a company are only as good as the people around them, and I am so proud of our team. At our holiday party, Josh and I and our COO, the superb Bob Brennan, recognized the staff who have made me look great!

Our events flourished thanks to our team, led by Amy Amato-Sanchez with the assistance of the beautiful and talented Demetra and her assistant, Jaclyn; and, in Brooklyn and Staten Island, the effervescent and hard-working Lori and Milly.

Our editorial staff, led by Robert Pozarycki in Queens and Helen Klein in Brooklyn, broke stories and passionately covered their boroughs. Their teams of reporters – in Queens, Anthony, Angela and Alina; in Brooklyn, Jaime, Meaghan and Anna – helped to enliven our pages, highlighting the good works of people and organizations in Brooklyn and Queens and bringing concerns to light. They have made our mission “to make a difference” possible, and I am eternally grateful for their dedication.

Our art departments in Queens and Brooklyn are critical parts of making us present dramatic and stunning products– 19 different editions. I’m so proud to have such a talented group including manager Nirmal and his team: Stephen, Ron, Cheryl, Jonathan and Gary.

I have a team to help keeping with my clients, including Graziella, Alan and Donna, who have been my right and left hands. I am so grateful to them.

The efficient and quality finance team is headed up by Maria Valencia with help from Shevonne. One of my longest and cherished employees, Maria Gallo, handles our billing and legal notices flawlessly.

Our acquisition of the Ridgewood Times/Times Newsweekly brought me not only a great community to serve but also a superb group of people including Debbie and Marlene, Anthony and Robb. I am so grateful to have them join our team.

Each day Angela and Donna are the welcoming voices at out Brooklyn and Queens offices. I am so grateful to them.
With a leader as good as my COO, the sales department broke all our records this year. I am so proud of our team in Brooklyn: Christine, Mona, Maria, Arlene, Paula and Christian; and our superb sales force in Queens, including Celeste, Adele, Ilene, Sheila, Louise, Alan, Eduardo, Robinson, Warren, Ralph, Arline, Beverly, Keith, Michele, Roberta, Mona, Scott and Charles. I deeply appreciate their hard work and great devotion in helping their clients build their businesses.

I have much to be grateful for. Let’s all count our blessings each day.