Less crime in public schools in 102nd Precinct’s confines: police

Members of the 102nd Precinct and the NYPD School Safety Division are pictured with the 102nd Precinct Community Council.
Photo by Suzanne Monteverdi


Felonies are down not only in the 102nd Precinct as a whole, but also in local public schools, residents learned during Tuesday night’s meeting of the 102nd Precinct Community Council in Richmond Hill.

“Crime right now in the schools is great; it’s down due to a wonderful job that we’re doing in collaboration between the schools and the precinct,” NYPD Supervisor of School Safety Alfred Woodall said. “The kids are starting off a new year, returning back, and we’re doing pretty well at most of the sites. We haven’t had any major issues at any of the schools that we have within the 102 Precinct.”

The NYPD School Safety Division patrols 24 public school sites — including 19 elementary schools — within the 102nd Precinct confines.

One attendee brought up the issue of truancy, and asked how members of the community may address it if they see it.

“Truancy isn’t a crime. They belong in school,” Barrere said. “We go, we pick them up. We either bring them to a truancy site or right back to their schools. Their parents are called: that’s the worst trouble they’re gonna get in. They’re not gonna get into trouble with the law; you’re not hurting their chances of going to college; you’re not giving them a criminal record, so to speak. So please, let us know what’s going on.”

Deputy Inspector Deodat Urprasad, the precinct’s commanding officer, also acknowledged that major felonies are down 7.5 percent precinct-wide over the last 28 days.

“That’s a number, but it’s a very important number,” Urprasad said. “It shows the hard work of the men and women of the 102nd Precinct, and the future 102nd Precinct officers, that we take this job very seriously. And that’s through the cooperation of the community. We are trying to improve the community, and we are listening to you.”