Meng is a powerful advocate for animal rights

By Christina Gdisis

Congresswoman Grace Meng’s continued strong leadership is evident through her support of efforts to improve animal welfare. The Humane Cosmetics Act is one of the Humane Society of the United States’ leading legislative bills for 2016 and its future success is dependent on co-sponsors such as Congresswoman Meng.

This priority federal bill, if passed, would prohibit animal testing for all cosmetic products that are manufactured or sold in the United States. Countless cosmetic companies use outdated practices by testing product safety on innocent animals rather than seeking cheaper and faster available alternatives that are cruelty-free.

The United States is represented as a progressive country, yet 30 other countries—such as Norway, Israel, India and the entire European Union—have already phased out cruel animal testing for cosmetics. It is time that we step up to the plate by supporting humane initiatives and collectively making conscious consumer decisions.

I would like to thank Congresswoman Meng for her support on this bill, as well as for the Prevent Animal Cruelty and Torture Act. The PACT Act would make it a federal crime to commit cruelty to animals in areas that the federal government can make any legal decisions. She deserves every bit of gratitude from our community for her admirable efforts.

Christina Gdisis

Middle Village

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