Nanny state in full effect

By Bob Friedrich

Gov. Cuomo and the mayor decided to shut down all roads and most mass transit in New York City during our recent epic snowstorm. The mayor threatens to arrest drivers who disobey his edict.

Yes, the same progressive administration that wants to decriminalize urinating in public, turnstile jumping and public intoxication? Don’t arrest those folks, but arrest drivers who are trying to go to their job at a hospital or driving to an open supermarket seeking milk for their baby.

How in the world did we ever get to this state of affairs and how in the world did we ever survive all of these years without government overbearance? We are infantilizing the population and the scary thing is that most people probably agree with the mayor and governor. Not a single reporter asked the mayor how he expects hospital workers to get to their jobs.

Shortly after the mayor and governor ordered adults off the roads, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said the following when asked by a reporter why he wasn’t shutting down the roadways in NJ. “I prefer not to implement a heavy handed government implemented travel ban. I believe in the good judgment of our citizens.” Wow, what a breath of fresh air and I am a registered Democrat.

As president of Glen Oaks Village, I am responsible for our community of 10,000 residents. Because of the Nanny State edict, we were unable to bring in our staff the next day to begin plowing and shoveling our driveways, sidewalks and stoops. The mayor and governor’s decision to shut down the roads and mass transit has now made a very bad snowstorm even worse.

Sometimes the one-size-fits-all dictates of Nanny State government doesn’t work. I implore all of our elected officials in the future to please think through the consequences of such actions and give credit to the good judgement of adult citizen’s even if a few of them don’t show similar judgement.

Bob Friedrich

Glen Oaks Village