The city must ensure elevator safety

By John Amato

The recent tragic death of a young man due to an elevator malfunction should certainly not have occurred, but that should be a wake-up call to inspect every single elevator in every city housing project in all five boroughs immediately!

All these elevators should be in perfect working order, tenants should not have to be fearful of using them each day. If there are malfunctioning elevators in a building, they need to immediately be taken out of service and repaired by the elevator maintenance people.

How many more innocent residents in our city housing projects are going to have to be injured or killed before this serious problem with the elevators is corrected? Where is the money allocated by the city for these types of necessary repairs? The safety of all city housing tenants is a must, and the mayor had better get moving to see that that is the case now, instead of worrying about the city’s horses and carriages. Get your priorities in order, Mayor DeBlasio!

John Amato

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