Blizzard complaint leads to cleanup agreement for Ozone Park ‘eyesore’

The corner lot owned by Verizon at the corner of Lafayette Street and 149th Avenue in Ozone Park.
Photo via Google Maps

Ozone Park dealt with its share of snow-related troubles following the Blizzard of 2016 — but there was one positive that came from the mess.

In the wake of last week’s snowstorm, Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder received numerous complaints from Ozone Park residents about an unshoveled sidewalk at the corner of Lafayette Street and 149th Avenue, adjacent to a lot owned by telecom giant Verizon.

Goldfeder subsequently reached out to Verizon about the sidewalk and also forwarded them past complaints he received regarding illegally dumped trash and debris at the site. Within 24 hours, he noted, Verizon crews came to shovel the sidewalk — and company representatives promised Goldfeder they would make sure the lot and its surroundings are regularly maintained.

“Verizon has heard us loud and clear,” Goldfeder said in a statement on Monday, Feb. 1. “I’m pleased that they’ve stepped up and taken responsibility for this eyesore. With some regular maintenance and the occasional snow shoveling, we can ensure that this block reflects the pride our families take in this community.”

The site is located steps away from the Robert H. Goddard High School, and its students tend to pass the lot after school. English teacher Beth Hanning was particularly grateful to hear that Verizon would be working to regularly maintain the lot.

“I have worked in this building for five years. That spot has never been cleaned or shoveled,” she said. “After tweeting Assemblyman Goldfeder’s office, we had the corner shoveled within 24 hours. Thank you to all involved.”

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