Get a $3 cup of widely popular rolled ice cream today in Flushing

Photos by Katarina Hybenova

Earlier this week, we informed you that 10Below, a widely popular Chinatown-based ice cream shop is opening its second location in Flushing’s Queens Crossing Mall (136-17 39th Ave.).

The grand opening has been running today from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., which means you still have time to brave the cold and enjoy a cup of this meticulously rolled, beautifully arranged deliciousness before the weekend starts. Moreover, to celebrate their expansion, 10Below is, only today, selling a cup for $3 instead of the usual $7.

Last night, the QNS staff attended its soft opening primarily to survey the wait time — as the Chinatown location has been known for really long lines — and naturally the taste and the looks of this Thai-inspired ice cream miracle. You know … in the name of journalism.

At first we had a little problem locating 10Below. According to their Facebook page, the store is located at the ground floor of Queens Crossing Mall. We entered the mall through a bakery on 39th Street, which presumably was on the ground floor, but to get to the shop itself we had to take another flight of stairs down. So technically, 10Below is in the basement, but it is a little unclear due to the mall’s rangy architecture.

We joined a crowd of about 30 people who all were excitedly waiting for their treat, and placed our order. We waited for about 40 minutes, and if you have been in a similar situation you know that 40 minutes of drooling for a delicious treat can feel really long. But to be fair, last night was their troubleshooting day.

The staff had to “break in” their freezing plates, and find a system around their new location. And after all, the ice cream itself is created through a special process of first freezing liquid ice cream on a crepe-like freezing plate, followed by meticulous ice cream rolling and eventually topping it based on customer’s preference.

We’re glad to say that the ice cream was well worth the wait, and we enjoyed the Monkey Business (banana, Nutella); Strawberry Shawty (strawberry, graham crackers) and Cookies Monster with Oreos. Rolled ice cream is particularly fun to eat and the toppings per our choosing were simply irresistible. We recommend asking for a marshmallow, which they toast for you with a torch. Despite the frigid temperatures outside, the ice cream tasted wonderful, promising Flushing a tasty spring and summer to come.

10Below ice cream makers in action
10Below ice cream makers in action