Condos need to exercise transparency

By George Silberman

An open letter to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman:

I attach a letter from my condo board (informing condo owners at the Baybridge Condominiums of assessments they must pay to fund repairs).

Please note the following:

• There has been no election or meeting of the condo board since 2005:

• We do not even have the names of the members of the board;

• Written inquiries to the board are never answered;

• The attorney of the condo has stated that he is the attorney for the board and that individual homeowners have no right to send him inquiries;

• The attorney has stated that homeowners may not look at the books and the board has no legal requirement to answer inquiries;

• The board in the past has misappropriated funds, spent our money on lavish dinners and Christmas parties and never told us of this;

• We should have a right to know what the board intends to do with roughly $500,000 in special assessments and who the members of the board are, given their dubious past history.

Kindly respond.

George Silberman


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