Cops issue 83 summonses and confiscate 6 motorcycles in a huge Queens-wide crackdown

Photo courtesy of Twitter/110th Precinct

Officers from several Queens precincts handed out 83 summonses and confiscated six motorcycles for violations ranging from unlicensed operators to drivers going the wrong way down a one-way street.

Motorcyclists are required to register their bikes with the city every year and registration expires this month, which is why the NYPD conducts the operation at this time.

Led by the commanding officer of the 110th Precinct, Deputy Inspector Christopher Manson, the 110th Precinct, 115th Precinct, 109th Precinct and 111th Precinct conducted an illegal motorcycle enforcement operation on April 2.

An NYPD official said the 110th Precinct, which covers Corona and Elmhurst,  handed out 24 summonses and confiscated one motorcycle during the operation.

The summonses were for moving violations such as unregistered motorcycles and unlicensed operators and traffic violations such as disobeying traffic control devices or driving the wrong way down a one-way street.

If no one claims the confiscated motorcycles within 30 days they will be taken to the pound, the official said. The owner must prove ownership by showing his or her licence and that the vehicle is insured to get the motorcycle back. He or she must also pay a $40 fee.

Motorcyclists who receive a summons for disobeying traffic control devices must pay a $50 fee and those who have equipment violations such as no working headlights will be charged $40, he said.

The 115th Precinct patrols East Elmhurst, North Corona and Jackson Heights. The 109th Precinct patrols Flushing, College Point and Whitestone and the 111th Precinct covers Bayside, Douglaston and Fresh Meadows.

This was only the first operation of the season and the NYPD will conduct more operations of this nature, he said.

“[This operation] combats the illegal packs that kind of threaten and terrorize on the road,” the NYPD spokesperson said.

At a NYPD press conference yesterday, NYPD Housing Chief Carlos Gomez said officials will also place a great emphasis on confiscating illegal ATVs and dirt bikes to quell the “packs” of riders who cause a threat to others on the road.

“They endanger motorists, they endanger bicyclists, they endanger pedestrians and they endanger themselves,” Gomez said.

Cops will post pictures of the confiscated vehicles on social media and will use the hashtags #useitandloseit and #visionzero to publicize their work and to deter others from riding these vehicles, which are illegal in New York City.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton encouraged the public to report “these knuckleheads” by calling 311 or 911. He also said he will invite people to watch as the NYPD crushes any illegal vehicles they confiscate later this year.