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A high-stakes presidential contest enters a new stage

By William Lewis

Barring a radical change in present circumstances, the major presidential candidates will be Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Both of them have huge name recognition throughout the United States.

Trump has been a successful businessman, especially in real estate development. Clinton, as an attorney, has been active in politics all of her adult life, beginning in Arkansas, going to the federal level, and also successfully being elected twice to the U.S. Senate.

It is interesting to note that both candidates are from New York, which could bring some political attention to the state in the fall of 2016.

Both candidates have advantages and disadvantages as they prepare for what is to be one of the hardest fought campaigns in American history.

Clinton has a well-organized field operation with the experienced workers from previous campaigns. She has been able to raise large sums of money. She has considerable knowledge about political contests which will be helpful in this coming campaign. As for Donald Trump, he has had many dealings with the state and federal government organizations. He also will have large sums of money for the campaign.

Both candidates are articulate and express themselves well. Both have indicated a desire to debate the other.

When we look at the general outlook for the issues from both sides, there is a wide difference as to how the candidates regard such issues as taxes, gun control, immigration, abortion, and foreign policy.

Both political parties have been considered different in how they view government policies. It should be mentioned that the Supreme Court’s new members will be chosen to a large extent by the president.

The national election has been referred to by some voters as the most important presidential election ever held, for it will determine how our nation will be governed for a long time to come. There seems to be a call for change. However, there is disagreement how this should be carried out. The interest we have seen develop in the election process has different results. The more interest we have in the battle is good for the democratic process.

But sometimes excessive involvement in democracy can bring us discord and hostility. It happened in the 1968 Democratic presidential convention.

In past years, our system has for the most part worked well, but there is always possibility of increased discord.

Our form of government has worked well since it began. Hopefully, this constitutional government will continue into the future.

Our government has contributed to giving us a great nation. As I indicated, the presidential race between Trump and Clinton will be a great battle. When the 2016 presidential race is over, hopefully our nation can unite and move forward.

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