Community, cops should take stock

Community, cops should take stock
By Pat Lynch

Statement from Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch:

New York City’s police officers know how it feels to lose fellow officers in a senseless, cold-blooded assassination. We stand with the men and women of the Dallas Police Department, DART and with their families to mourn the loss of these fine officers. They did nothing to harm anyone but instead were protecting the rights of others to be heard in protest. We have said it many times before: the loss of life—every life—is a tragedy. But much of the anger directed at police officers over the past few years has been fueled by erroneous information and inflammatory rhetoric put forward by groups and individuals whose agenda has nothing to do with justice. Our elected leaders fail us when they prejudge incidents without having all the facts and disparage all law enforcement. As we go forward, we need to take an honest, hard look at everything that wrongfully inflames emotions against police officers if we are going to be able to bring police officers and the community together,”