Give our children lessons in character

By Abe Fuchs

Our young people need more support and guidance in their lives. We are all aware of the problems that our young people have such as drug abuse, irresponsible sexual activity, high drop-out rates, violence, bullying, suicides and the rash of horrible school and gang shootings. Character traits should be taught in all schools for grades K through 12:

1) Honesty

2) Humility

3) Kindness

4) Respect

5) Gratitude

6) Tolerance

7) Compassion

8) Responsibility

9) Persistence

10) Loyalty.

This education can be administered in the form of weekly class discussions in which all children are invited but not forced to participate, administered by counselors.

This form of mental health education would be much more comprehensive than what is taught now in schools. Ethnic and racial groups in this day and age still self-segregate in schools and in society at large. Such interactive groups would enable children to develop healthy attitudes towards each other and within themselves.

Abe Fuchs


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