Mets fans welcome back Reyes

Angelique Dones (right) and her family bought tickets for both of Jose Reyes’ games with the Brooklyn Cyclones at MCU Park.
Photo by Laura Amato
By Laura Amato

Jose Reyes’ return to the Mets organization sparked a mixed reaction when the team announced he had signed a minor-league deal June 25.

But as far as fans at MCU Park were concerned, Reyes’ reunion with the squad—and his two games with the Cyclones—was nothing short of exciting.

“When he was (with the Mets) we liked his energy and you never knew what to expect from him,” Angelique Dones of the Bronx said. “It was always fun to watch him.”

Fans came out to Brooklyn in droves for the chance to see Reyes—sporting his old Mets number seven—who got the start at third base. The official attendance Sunday was 7,851, an early-season best.

“I’ve been waiting a few years for this, he’s my favorite player of all time,” said Michael Marca of Glendale. “I got tickets as soon as I could. I saw the news and planned to come out with a couple of friends.”

There was, of course, some concern from both the Mets and the team’s fans when the organization signed Reyes.

The off-the-field issues left some fans questioning whether or not they should be cheering for Reyes, but most opted to keep their opinions of the star’s private life separate from their on-field expectations.

“Everybody deserves a second chance,” said Jean Kelso of Brooklyn. “It’s something out of baseball. It’s not right to go around abusing people, but you don’t know the circumstances. We were not there.”

Reyes went 0-for-3, before leaving the game in the seventh inning, but his lack of production didn’t stop fans from cheering and the sounds of “Jose! Jose! Jose!” echoed throughout MCU Park during the game.

Cyclones fans were also quick to point out that Reyes won’t stay in Brooklyn long.

The Mets are hoping to move the 33-year-old to Double-A Binghamton or Triple-A Las Vegas as soon as possible. It may be a few weeks until Reyes makes it to Citi Field, but fans are hopeful that the reunion can help jump-start the recently anemic Mets offense. In the end, they’re simply happy to have Reyes back.

“I want to see him back,” Dones said. “However he can make the team better, that’s what we’re looking forward to.”

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