Do you live in (Michael) Jackson Heights? Website reimagines the names of Queens streets and neighborhoods

Inset photo via itsalwayssunny.wikia.com/Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Do you ever wonder about the origin of your street’s name?

Real estate research site NeighborhoodX has compiled a map of streets and neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs and renamed them after celebrities, television shows and products. A handful of Queens streets and neighborhoods are renamed on the map including Queens (of the Stone Age) Boulevard and (Michael) Jackson Heights.

“Since no one seems to know history anymore, we renamed NYC places for celebrities and products,” the website reads.

Sunnyside is reimagined as the television comedy (It’s Always) Sunnyside (In Philadelphia) and Eliot Avenue in Middle Village pays homage to late playwright T.S. Eliot. Flushing Meadows Park was renamed Flushing Meadow (Soprano) after Tony and Carmela Soprano’s daughter on the HBO show.

Actor Kirk Douglas also gets a spot on the map in the Douglaston neighborhood of Queens. Long Island City’s Borden Avenue received a grim new name, (Lizzie) Borden Avenue after the woman who was tried and acquitted of the 1892 axe murders of her father and stepmother in Fall River, Mass.

Do you know the original origin of these street and neighborhood names? Do you have a clever name of your own?


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