Street trees need to be watered

By John Amato

The thousands of newly planted trees that are lining our streets need to be watered on a regular basis during these hot summer months. These are all young trees with as yet undeveloped deep root systems, and they cannot pull up large quantities of groundwater like older trees, which have deeper root systems that reach down to that depth.

If the city has planted a tree in front of your home, please water it at least three times per week, by either pouring three to four pailfuls of water at its base, or by allowing a hose to run enough to soak the area where the tree is planted, at least three times per week. These waterings will help the trees through hot, dry periods and will help their roots to continue to develop and grow downward deeper into the soil.

Trees add beauty and serenity to the landscape, as well as giving us beneficial shade and oxygen, and also preventing soil from eroding during rainstorms. Please help our newly planted trees so they can be around for many years to come. Happy Summer!

John Amato

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