Expect a lot more Dairy Queen in Queens as the franchise plans a massive expansion in NY

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A whole lot of soft serve ice cream and other signature treats from Dairy Queen are coming to Queens as the chain plans a massive expansion in New York state.

Within the next decade, Dairy Queen plans to open no less than 100 locations in the “Empire State” with a focus on New York City and its boroughs.


“If we’re able to identify a qualified franchisee partner to build in Queens, it is a great place for the brand to grow,” Vice President of Franchise Development at International Dairy Queen Inc. Jim Kerr told QNS.

The brand currently runs 40 restaurants in the state, five of them in New York City, and only one in Queens — at Corona’s Junction Boulevard. In September, they are opening another franchise in Staten Island.

“Right now, we average about four to five new locations a year in the state. We would like to kick it up to 10 per year in the state,” explained Kerr.

The expansion will focus on DQ Grill & Chill concept, which is “the newest twist to the classic and highly recognized Dairy Queen brand restaurant, which dates back to 1940,” according to Kerr.

The concept blends the classic Dairy Queen with the most modern innovation in quick service food and design. The DQ Grill & Chill restaurant interior will also bring an an open-air grill, as well as separate “grill” and “chill” sections. New York can expect booths and large wooden tables, warm lighting, and music.

According to Kerr, each new DQ Grill & Chill provides 50 to 100 job opportunities. The mother company, International Dairy Queen Inc., is currently on the lookout for potential independent franchise operators interested in opening a DQ Grill & Chill restaurant, as well as real estate properties.

What do you think, Queens? Does Dairy Queen stand a chance in the artisanal and organic-obsessed New York?

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