Thief robs $25K from pharmacy in Auburndale: cops

By Mark Hallum

AUBURNDALE—A thief who held up a Rite Aid Pharmacy in Auburndale while allegedly brandishing a firearm fled on foot with $25,000 Sunday morning, NYPD said.

The manager of the store at 27-07 Francis Lewis Blvd. told police she was followed into the pharmacy at about 7:30 a.m. The man grabbed her with one arm and pressed a hard object against the victim’s back. He demanded that she open both safes, one under the register and another in the manager’s office.

According to police, when the victim asked what was being pressed against her back, she was told it was a firearm, although she never saw the weapon.

Officers from the 109th Precinct responded to the scene and the victim declined medical attention.

NYPD said the suspect was wearing a white mask but did not have on gloves.