Showcase your style with a feature wall design in your home!

Showcase your style with a feature wall design in your home!

Queens residents are all in with using tiles in spaces generally reserved for other materials, and walls are demanding a lot of attention lately. Design trends are getting away from four white walls in favor of colors, wallpaper and tile for the walls, or in this case, one wall. What better place to feature a wall than in the bedroom, bathroom or living room? These feature wall design ideas will make your bedroom, living room or bathroom a place that creates that pampered feel you deserve.


Headboard Accent

The most logical place to start is on the wall behind the bed, especially if you have a headboard. A splash of contrast or an interesting color that coordinates with the headboard turns the bedroom into a high-design space.

It’s the best place to build your feature wall because you are already drawing attention to it with the bed and headboard. A feature wall elsewhere might compete and make the room feel off-balance. No headboard? No problem! The feature wall can easily take its place. Featured above is our Unexpected Surfaces collection and below is our Generation Brick collection.


Tiles with texture are hot right now and they are a perfect fit for a bedroom or living room feature wall. Whether you choose wallpaper, a textured tile or a stunning mosaic, clean-lined patterns will set your feature wall apart. They add dimension and modernity to your already contemporary or retro design. Featured below is our Lustrous collection.


Wood Palette

Wood planks on the wall are everywhere, but the reclaimed-wood look can be hard to get. Thanks to advanced technology, now you can get the look of expensive wide-plank wood in tile. Have some fun with your plank wall by arranging it in a different pattern. Horizontal staggered is the traditional take on the plank wall, but vertical can be interesting too. Interspersing a plank and painted or wallpapered wall creates a 3D striped look. Try a herringbone pattern for the ultimate in wood patterning. Featured below is our Antique Wood collection.


Tiles Unlimited’s expert designers can assist you in creating an eye-popping feature wall or an entire room. No matter what your taste, you’ll find your dream tile in our ½-million-square-foot inventory. QNS.com readers can save up to $600 on tile by clicking here.

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